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Tube Hot Foil Stamping TSM rise-50

TSM rise-50 is a High precision, automatic Tube Hot Foil Stamping Machine designed to decorate plastic tubes at speeds up to 50 per minute.


Technical Specifications:

Speed: up to 50 tubes / minute (speed may vary based on printing area, lacquer, etc) 

Printing Accuracy: axially and radially ±0.25 mm (depending on quality of tube printing)

Printing Area: Max 200mm x 200mm

Tube diameter: Ø13.5mm to Ø60mm

Tube length: 40mm to 210mm, without cap

Air supply: 6-8 bar. Dust, Water and Oil free

Electric Supply: 3 Phase 415 VAC 50Hz, 8 kW

Tube Flow: From Left to Right

Machine Dimensions: 3.5m(L) x 2.2m(W) x 2.3m(H)

Weight: 1600Kg

  • Features
    • TSM rise-50 features a 5 station vertical turret driven by a brake-type servo motor with gearbox.
    • Radial and axial registration of tube is done by servo motor to achieve higher speeds.
    • Stamping head adjusts to each tube's eye mark print variation, to improve axial accuracy during stamping. This movement of the stamping head is achieved with a stepper motor.
    • Dual foil feed for two colour stamping (optional)
    • Tube Sleeve stamping provision (optional)
    • Ergonomic machine design for quick and easy changeover
    • Infeed and outfeed flat belt conveyors
    • Large 12.1" vertical touchscreen HMI that can swivel in 2 axes
    • Tube test mode to test hot stamping parameters on single tube
    • Exhaustive on-screen diagnostics features and alarms system
    • No stamping operation if tube not leaded properly
    • Operator Login and login history
    • Recipes with export/import facility
    • All setting manuals in pdf format available on HMI
    • Changeover and sensor setting guide videos on HMI for easy operability
    • Dual colour registration (optional) for high precision is possible with eye mark and second colour registration by sensor or by camera (optional)
    • Remote diagnostics with modem (optional)
    • Multi-client HMI, which allows more than two clients to operat
  • Specifications
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