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Tube Capping Machine CP-130-OR

CP-130-OR is a high speed automatic tube capping machine designed for applying round / oval, screw-on / snap-on caps on to extruded and laminate tubes at 130 tubes/minute.

Technical Specifications:

  • Machine Speed: 130 Tubes / minute

  • Tube Diameter: min. Ø 19.0 mm - max. Ø 60.0 mm

  • Tube Length: min. 80 mm to max. 240 mm

  • Cap diameter: Min. Ø 19mm and Max. Ø 50 mm

  • Cap Height: Min. 12 mm and Max. 40 mm

  • Capping accuracy: cap position (snap-on flip top cap) with respect to eye mark/black mark on tube: ± 2mm

  • Torque tightening accuracy in case of screw-on caps: ± 2 kg.cm

  • Features
    • Input and output are in straight line

    • Top sealing and lip bending

    • Top seal detection

    • Large 15” full HD multi-touch HMI

    • Snap-on capping with servo driven orientation and linear motor assisted mechanisms

    • Screw-on capping with servo controlled torque tightening mechanism

    • Wireless tablet for easy setting all over the machine

    • Videos viewable on HMI for changeover support

    • Integration with tube packer (optional)

  • Specifications
  • Download Optional Attachments