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Robotic Tube Packer RTP ace

Tube Packer for high speed packing of plastic or laminate tubes into RSC (flap)-type or lid-type boxes, with or without plastic bag inserts. Ideal for production lines of speeds up to 150 per minute.

  • Speed: 150 tubes/minute (speed will vary based on tube diameter and box size)
  • Tube types: Extruded and laminate tubes
  • Tube diameter:Ø16mm to Ø60mm
  • Tube length: 50mm to 250mm (with cap)
  • Box type: Lid type and RSC (flap) type boxes with/without plastic bag inserted
  • Box size: max 650mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 250mm (H)


  • Features

        •    6-axis robotic arm to pick and place tubes
        •    Tubes are placed in a grid before packing in box
        •    Large 12.1” vertical HMI touchscreen, with IPC based PLC
        •    Wireless tablet for ease of operation
        •    High flexibility and reliability
        •    Total box capacity of 8 boxes (4 empty, 1 being filled, 3 filled)
        •    Quick and easy changeover
        •    Exhaustive diagnostic features and alarm system
        •    Remote diagnostics with modem
        •    Operator login and login history
        •    Language options
        •    Recipes with export/import facility
        •    Aesthetically pleasing exterior design
        •    Integration with capper or upstream printer
        •    MIS reports on cloud
        •    Total box capacity can be incr

  • Specifications
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