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Machine STM-150-CS+ | Technoshell

Cap Hot Foil Stamping STM-150-CS+

Highly versatile machine to perform hot foil stamping and heat transfer on various convex shapes like Oval, Square, Round, Elliptical & others. 

Over the years this machine got reputation of being the most efficient machine present in the world. 

This machine has become the preferred option of hot foil stamping for leading cosmetic and personal care companies around the world. 

Presently over 2,900,000 caps are being hot foil stamped on our machines in the world every day. With an output upto 65 caps per minute this machine has got quick payback time.

  • Features
    • Flexible – This machine is capable of doing hot foil stamping on various shapes of caps and closure likes Oval, Square, Round, Elliptical and other convex shapes
    • Low Cost Per Piece  Reduction in foil consumption upto 30%. Offers strategic cost advantage over competitor. 
    • High Speed With Fully Automatic Operation – Upto 65 caps /min makes this machine quick. With the option of automatic feeding of caps through elevator and output counting relieve you from labor dependency.
    • High Accuracy and Customized Decoration | Half-Stamping and Foil Overlap at Desired Position  Frequent change in demand for customize decoration from OEMs is inevitable, this machine strengthen you to say YES to any customize decoration possibilities.
    • Quick and Easy Changeover – Low tooling parts make machine to have low downtime.
  • Specifications
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