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Lacquer and Label

Lacquer and Label

Often consumers decide spontaneously at the point of sale which product they buy. In these cases packaging acts as a differentiation instrument substantially determining the purchasing decision.

Tubes offer all possibilities to create point of sale appeal and product differentiation which is needed to create or further develop a brand.

The wide range of shapes, colours, finishes and decorative effects on offer adds up to an attractive packaging solution which has a strong impact on the shelf and allows plenty of opportunity for product differentiation. Thus tubes add value to products through enhanced shelf appeal.

Available printing techniques are flexo printing, offset printing, silk-screen printing, roto-gravure printing, hot (foil) stamping.

In the last few years also labelling has made some inroads into tube decoration.

In our lacquer and label LL-60 it is the first time that a machine with UV lacquering, drying and labeling application on tubes is offered in one machine. 

The various operations that are possible on this unique machine are :

  • Flame / Corona treatment
  • UV lacquering
  • UV curing
  • Label application